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Healthy high- performance made easy

Through micro-learning, clear step-by-step guides, tools and fun challenges, leaders and teams develop together while creating healthy and productive habits that last.

For leaders:
Your support system

You are not alone. We provide you with support to engage your team to solve things more efficiently and help you thrive together

For the team:
Get empowered

No more frustration. Access tools to bring clarity, direction and priority in your team roles and goals. Experience teamwork that actually works

For HR professionals:
Elevate your impact

Boost productivity and health, while freeing time. Experience employee engagement from the top down to from the bottom up

Follow the team learning path together

Subscribe to a series of modules with the tools and guidance that you need, to go through with your team to succeed. From the first session together you will begin to gain the benefits. Each episode begins with a new module, containing audio lessons, peer-peer reflections and a group session, all distributed over a three week sprint. Get weekly guidance for your development journey in your inbox.


Gather the team, do the introduction and start on-boarding.
Key benefits: Create a common ground together

Dive in to the first module: Study & Do

Learn, reflect and practice. Conduct peer-peer walk & talks.
Key benefits: Discover the power of work walks

Team session: Reflect together

Reflect over new knowledge and create your first game rule.
Key benefits: Begin your team development effortlessly

Access the next module: Study & Do

Learn, reflect and practice. Do One-On-Ones walk & talks.
Key benefits: Train leadership best practises & gain trust.

Team session: Discuss together

Use knowledge, reflect together and discuss team roles.
Key benefits: Gain clarity, understanding & empathy

New access to next module: Study & Do

Learn, reflect and practice. Empathic listening training.
Key benefits: Shared knowledge, increased understanding.

Team session: Workshop together

Use knowledge, reflect together and conduct workshops.
Key benefits: Experience the power of facilitation.

Level up and gain acess to more advanced modules

To gain more knowledge about your specific possibilities, get in contact: co*****@wa************.com

Impact across the organisation

Track team progress in the dashboard

Insights, understanding and recommended steps ahead for each level and role. Based on science backed practises, unique team data and enhanced by AI.

The picture show the Walking Talking platforms dashboard and walking and learning app.

Build sustainable work practices

We help organisations become resilient and successful. Support high achievers to thrive healthily and lift engagement on a broader scale.


Share information, learn together and from each other, through meaningful conversations, lessons and team workshops.


Guided step by step, through science based team development practices – build trust and clarity within your team.

Go together

Infuse movement and social health in your organisation to enable health, reflection and empathy.

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Guide to One-on-One
Guide to Psychological Safety
Guide to Effective Teams
Conflict Management Guide
Walking Meeting Guide
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Value you get

Why choose us

Integrated sustainability

We provide a platform for team collaboration, communication, and activity as an integral part of daily work, promoting sustainable development for both business and individuals.

Improves interactions

We facilitate the development of empathic listening built into the core business. Which fosters better conversations and information sharing among individuals who may not have otherwise interacted.

Science backed

Our method and platform is designed on a scientific basis for effective support in daily work and the well-being and commitment of individuals. Based on proven methods and theories supported in research.

Said about us

What others say

“Wow what a great education! A really good basis, fact-based, reflection-oriented, clearly described with purpose and goals, step by step.”

Ulrika Täcklind

“This is a way for me as a CEO to put this on the map: That it is OK to take walks at work. I encourage it, – not only at lunch or with their immediate boss, but also with each other. That it is part of the work.”

Christian Rudén

“Walking Talkings concept  is relevant in our environment, with very ambitious and high-performing employees, to handle their own demands on themselves and self-criticism. Am I sufficient? Should I deliver better? You may have certain challenges and deal with them by putting a lot of work and responsibility on yourself.”

Frida Lundh

“Today, people feel worse, stress more, are sedentary and do not take breaks from work … to name a few negative things. I see these walks as a positive counterbalance to the negative, as something that will give people energy and feel good. Just being able to take a break, get out, get some fresh air, get moving and be seen and heard would make a big difference in people’s well-being.”

Josefin Wibergh

“Above all, it provides more prosperous staff in the workplace who not only stay healthier, become more alert and more efficient but also become happier and more engaging not only in the workplace but also in private life.”

Annica Lexelius

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