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The importance of psychological safety

Psychological safety in a team is more important than ever when hybride or flexible work is here to stay for many business.

work life

Take time for breaks during the day

We have collected a few short manageable tips on how to take breaks during the day that goes beyond eating lunch or having a short coffee break.

Empathic listening

3 quick tips to become a better listener

To become an emphatic listener you need to focus on the person that is talking – that also means to put a paus on your own thought or worries for a while.

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The Power of Self-Leadership and Team Psychological Safety

Employee Self-Leadership and Team Psychological Safety the dynamic duo that helps a leader create gr…

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Embrace movement during the work day!

We often associate being rooted to our desks with productivity. We want to change that approach and …

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4 steps when you as a leader need to give feedback

Giving feedback that really helps an employee is not something you should do in passing. These are 4…

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3 tips for effective meetings

Start your journey to becoming a pro at effective meetings with these 3 tips.

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Create sustainable change in small steps

It's hard to create change and achieve goals, otherwise everyone would be doing it all the time. Thi…

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Time to make a walk meeting plan!

Time to make a walking meeting plan to get movement during the work day while the work gets done.

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