Gender Equality Plan


Introduction and overall vision

This equality plan aims to help us as a company to work equally in all parts of the company with all grounds of discrimination in mind. By working in a structured manner with the plan annually, we want to ensure awareness of risks, show which measures can and should be taken, and give a mandate and responsibility to continuously work in and towards an organization free from discrimination.

How the plan was developed

Through discussion in the board, among employees and summarized by the CEO.

Follow-up of the previous year’s planned measures

Every year we go through the equality plan, to map and take measures. This is initiated by the board and implemented by the CEO.

Working conditions

Work environment issues are raised monthly in the employee group and everyone is encouraged to individually raise needs, challenges and wishes that can improve the working conditions for each individual or in a group, directly to the CEO. The CEO must then investigate and remedy the problems together with the employee(s).

Rules and practices regarding salaries and other employment conditions

Today, the company has a salary set based on the company’s ability in combination with the staff’s level of education, competence, relevant experience and ability.

Recruitment and promotion

We have a recruitment policy that guides how we should act and think in recruitment in order to welcome and treat everyone equally with regard to the various grounds of discrimination as well as a focus on competence and the ability to guide choices during recruitment. Promotion policies exist and aim to give everyone the chance to be equally considered for a potential new position or promotion.

Education and other skills development

Education and other skills development are decided in dialogue with the CEO and based on each individual’s needs and interests in combination with the company’s current and future needs.


The company makes it possible for everyone who works in the company to adapt their workplace and working hours so that it facilitates parenthood, while at the same time we make sure to protect the employee’s work peace. A balance between family life and work life must be possible. We must take parenthood into account when we arrange meetings, as well as accept interruptions linked to contact with children.


Neither sexual harassment nor harassment related to any of the discrimination grounds of sex, gender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation and age or reprisals are accepted in the workplace.

If a report of harassment is received, the employer must act quickly through the immediate manager together with the CEO. The first step is to investigate what has happened. The second step is to take reasonable steps to prevent further harassment.

Gender distribution

The company follows the gender distribution in the teams, on the list of owners and on the board and strives for an even distribution between the sexes.

Follow-up of this plan

The board initiates and the CEO carries out the follow-up work on this plan annually.

Make the plan known

When hiring, we go through the intranet and everyone is referred to the staff handbook for information on the issues. At the same time, we aim to raise the issue of the working environment in regular meetings, monthly, and then also highlight gender equality work.

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