walking talking Team & leadership development

Designed to help leaders and teams be happy & productive

HIGh performing teams

Sustainable team and leadership development

The Walking Talkings team & leadership program combines strategic use of walking meetings, bite-sized e-learning  and science based team development guidance. An online program that will support sustainable high performing individuals, effective and productive teams and a more engaged, happy and healthy workforce through collaboration, learning and walking meetings.

Science based group-development
IMGD (Integrated Model of Group Development)
GDQ (Group Development Questionnaire)
SOC (Sense of Coherence)
Empathic communication training
MI (Motivational Interviewing)
Effective 1-on-1’s
Productive walk & talks
Reflection based learning
Guidance & Material
Bite-sized & well-paced
Guides & Workshops
A sustainable leadership and health initiative built into the core business, where problems are solved together while the work gets done.
Anna-Lina Kvarnsmyr

Team and leadership development training for productivity & wellbeing

Reach your highest potential when everyone in the team have access to the same starting-point. Our leadership program is available for individuals and groups.

Learn how to communicate empathically
Improve psychological safety in the team
Make daily movement, team collaboration and communication a productive work habit

Which leads to

Increased understanding
Lower stress levels
Higher productivity
Higher retention and growth of employees
Better bottomline
The method

Team and leadership development through step by step guidance

This program is designed by experts to guide leaders and team through steps of learning, collaboration and team building tasks while providing support. Together you will reach the desired results of becoming better leaders, coworkers and listeners – All while the work gets done.

Learn the theory
Think and reflect
Implement and practise
the tools

Online team and leadership education and guidance tools

As a part of the Walking Talking Platform, our program is designed to help leaders and teams achieve sustainable high productivity, innovation, and well-being. Through our online platform it becomes easy to learn and implement what is needed to get there.

All Leadership tiers includes Pro membership in the app
Fully online education for the whole team
Available in both text and audio (Swedish & English)

for teams (3-11 people)

Team packages



Full access to the Walking Talking app
Productivity tools
Private network
Private invites
Curated agendas


All included in Tier 1 +
Access to Walking Talking – Leadership
Team development
Empathic communication training
12 pro – listener – sessions


All included in Tier 2 +
Access to Team – development module
Guides, workshops & tutorials
16h with professional facilitator

Tier 1+2 is also offered license per person for individuals and enterprises

user case

The path to happier teams


Jessica wants to be a great leader

She wants to inspire, motivate and be a direct and supportive leader. But like many others she struggles in an increasingly fast-paced, complex and demanding role.

Walking Talking recommends

Jessica as an individual could benefit and learn strategies and structures to become a better leader through Walking Talking Leadership – Tier 2 “Lead”.

She learns and grows

The modules give Jessica practical tasks and material to support her in herĀ role, as she goes through the program – to lead and engage her team to efficiently solve things together.


A team wants to work more efficiently

A team of 3-11 people wants to take the next steps to grow together, find better ways to work and increase the psychological safety in their team.

Walking Talking recommends

The team would benefit from a base-line of Leadership tier 3 “Super” to gain access to the group development module where they will receive workshop material and guides how to improve and learn together.

The team works together

The material supports healthy and sustainable habits for psychological safety and the strategic use of walking meetins that support individual and team-health.


A network is looking to grow

A group of people that want to build connections, get together for their purpose, and is looking for more opportunities to keep in contact and meet for interesting conversations while growing their network.

Walking Talking recommends

The network could benefit from a customised package where the network-owner starts at a Walking Talking – Pro tier 1 with an additional public network.

The network grows

The network is active in the walking talking app, free for others to join or closed to the public. The owner can invite others and encourage its members to join and meet for walks and conversation.

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