11 minutes a day!

Everyone knows that it is important to move regularly, but many feel that there is no time in everyday life. We talk about how 11 minutes make a difference.

Talk to yourself, you often get the best answers!

Are you one of those people who talk to you, your flowers or your pet and maybe you feel it’s a little embarrassing? Stop thinking it’s embarrassing! Studies show that there is great value in talking to yourself, or to someone who is unresponsive, such as an animal or houseplant.

Stop procrastinating and feel better!

Some people are good at procrastinating, putting things off or delivering at the last minute. We tell you why it is not good for your health and what you can do to change it.

Thinking a lot can’t be that hard, can it?

Having a job where you “just think” can’t be that tiring, can it? Research has caught up and can now explain how it affects us negatively and what can be done to counteract the bad effects.

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