Rest your brain this summer, here’s how

Summer is here

For many, it’s time for vacation, but even if you work all summer, our tips work in your free time. It’s quite likely that you stumble into your vacation quite stressed about everything that needed to be done at work. And even if you have made a plan for how you will rest during your leave, it can be extra difficult to relax. Maybe you’re one of those people who get stressed out doing “nothing” and fill your days to the brim with activity.

We have 3 tips

You don’t have to stop planning or just do “nothing”. We have 3 tips on how you can plan to do “nothing” and will also explain why the research says it’s so good!

1, Study the clouds

You can do this activity alone or with someone else who would like to take a quiet moment and of course works best if there are clouds in the sky. Sit or lie comfortably and study the movement of the clouds in the sky for a while. And how long is a moment you might be thinking. A moment is as long as it feels good and restful to you. A study has shown that it is restful for the brain just to follow the different patterns formed by the clouds. If you do the activity together with children, you can talk about what you see, what shape the child thinks the cloud has, you get a quiet moment together. A plus is that you feel a little extra good because you are outdoors near plants or water. Doing “nothing” and looking at the clouds is thus a good summer activity for the brain, says the research.

2, Take a break from your screen

There are many good reasons to take a screen break during the holidays. And no, we’re not saying you should turn off your phone completely and never use it. However, it can be a good opportunity to put the mobile phone in your pocket/bag and focus on the here and now. Careless scrolling stresses the brain and seeing how well “everyone else” is doing on vacation can add extra stress. Take a picture of something nice to save the memory, but don’t post on social media all the time, you’re helping others de-stress.

3, Take a walk

We wouldn’t be Walking Talking if we didn’t talk about how good walking is for the brain. Research shows that you feel better and become more creative during and after a walk. The beauty of a walk is that it can be done anywhere and in any weather. You can walk alone or with company, fast or slow. Taking a discovery walk with a child when you have nothing else planned can create a wonderful experience for both of you. Finish with a swim or something cooling in the shade and enjoy the fact that you have done something good for your brain.

We hope that one or more of the tips can help you relax your brain this summer.

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