Make stress your friend

Stress is good

Not prolonged stress like you get when you have too much to do or lose control of something. But short-term stress is what makes us cope with an uncomfortable situation, such as giving a presentation or going to an interview.

Stay in the feeling

Since a short burst of stress is good, it can be good to stop and take in the feeling. Think that what you are feeling is stress and that it is okay, that can make you feel calmer.

Put it into words

Think about why you are stressed. Is it because the interview you are going to is important to you and you really want to make a good impression. Or that the message in your presentation is really something you are passionate about and you want to show it to those listening.

When you understand what it is that makes you stressed, it can help turn the feeling into focus and energy.

Be kind to yourself

Often we are our own biggest critics. Be kind to yourself, it doesn’t have to be perfect and you’re not alone in being nervous. Taking a deep breath and telling them you’re nervous can help break the ice and empathize with others. In this way, you can help yourself to turn the stress into something positive.

Source: Stanford Mind & Body Lab

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