Talk to yourself, you often get the best answers!

Talk to yourself

Are you one of the ones that talk to themselves, your flowers, or your pets and end up feeling awkward about it? Well, stop feeling awkward about it! Studies show that there is great value in talking to yourself or to someone that isn’t responding, such as a pet or a plant.

Easier to remember

The reason why it’s good to express your thoughts out loud is that it becomes easier to organize your thoughts and easier to remember things, for example, where you put your keys. If you describe your keys to yourself, your brain will focus in on those exact keys and you’ll have an easier time finding them

Same thing goes for emotions

By hearing yourself talk about a problem or a feeling, it becomes easier to find a solution or to talk yourself out of a tricky emotional situation. Instead of focusing on something hard or difficult you instead use that energy on understanding why and explaining to yourself that maybe it’s not so dangerous after all. It calms the body.

Why does it work?

It’s actually the talking itself that is the key. When you both talk and listen to yourself at the same time, the brain has to slow down and you give it the opportunity to think more calmly and more structured compared to if you let it think freely at rocket speed.

Have it as a strategy

So the next time you feel stressed about something at work or let your emotions get the best of you, take a moment and talk through with yourself what the real problem is. A good strategy to solve problems and remember things!

Source: Science Direct

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