11 minutes a day!

It is important to move

The recommendation is that it is good to get your heart rate up a little for at least 150 minutes per week or 21 minutes per day. Research shows that it counteracts cardiovascular disease, obesity, certain types of cancer and makes us feel energetic and healthy. But it can be a struggle for many to manage their 150 minutes a week. Therefore, you give up before you even start.

New research provides new information

A research team at the University of Cambridge reviewed 196 research reports on movement, which contained data from over 30 million participants. The research group states that at least 150 minutes really has an effect on health. But the really good news was that they also found that as little as 75 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week provides a good foundation for health.

11 minutes a day!

75 minutes a week becomes as little as 11 minutes a day.

11 minutes of walking, dancing, cycling or playing with children improves health and reduces premature death by 10%.
So to get started and make movement a part of everyday life, you can set an alarm for 5 minutes and 30 seconds. Start walking and turn around and walk back when the bell rings. Pretty quickly you’ll realize it’s easy. Then just increase the time gradually until you are up to 21 minutes.

Source: University of Cambridge

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