Plan for your holiday recovery

Beautiful June

The light has come and summer is almost here, thoughts of vacation are surely not far away. But hand on your heart, are you one of those who sprint to the last day and start the holiday with a stressed brain.

If yes, then we have some tips for you to help you create peace before and during the holidays.

A plan is your best friend

It can be easier to turn off work during the holidays if you actually have a plan. Consider things like

– what you have to do before you go on leave.

– if there is something that someone can help you with while you are on holiday.

– how to deal with notifications and other things that may interfere with your time off.

– IF you absolutely have to check something, decide when it should be done and how much time to spend, so you don’t have the stress of being available all the time.

– who do you check in with when you’re back?

Write it down and talk to your boss, get help prioritizing and maybe talk to the colleague who can help.

And when you do talk to your boss, voice any thoughts that you need to be \”a little available\” during vacation. Maybe it’s just something you thought of yourself but which is not actually expected of you.

Manage your brain on vacation

Now you’re finally on vacation and doing all those things you’ve been dying to do, but it can still be hard to turn off the work brain that suddenly comes up with a good solution to a problem or something else that “can’t wait”.

When you make your plan, you can add how you will handle this while you are on your leave. Tips can be:

– create a note in your phone or email yourself so you can look at it when you’re back at work. It is a way of “putting aside” the thought but not forgetting.

– if you work from home, put away everything that is work-related so that you are not constantly reminded of work.

– remember not to talk about your job with everyone you meet, there must be other pleasant things to talk about when you are on holiday.

Enjoy your vacation

Because it’s now when you can recover properly that you lay the foundation for an energetic autumn at work, so enjoy yourself and gather enough energy. Both you and your employer deserve it!

P.s. You know that you should report to your employer if you get sick on vacation, it is stated in the Swedish Vacation Act (Semesterlagen). Contact your employer on your first sick day just as you would if you were working.

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