Recovery during the working day, how to make it happen

Lunch and coffee break

Hand on heart, how often do you take both a proper lunch and coffee break during a working day? And the times you really do, how often do you sit with a mobile phone in your hand.

If you belong to the large group that doesn’t make sure to take their breaks, start by resting your brain, letting your phone rest in your pocket.

There are other ways to recover your brain

In addition to lunch and coffee break, it is important to help the brain and body during the day. This should be done both in order not to lose energy during the day and in the long term. It is not certain that the rest you get after work is enough if you are constantly stressing around without breaks. We want to help by listing some simple ways, which have been shown to have a good effect on recovery during the day.

– Create order for yourself

It can be anything from having an organized desk to digital organization. Order means different things to different people, make sure you have a system that works for you and that means you don’t have to spend unnecessary time looking for things.

– Varied tasks

Focusing for a while can absolutely be good and produce results, but feel free to switch between easy and difficult or “thought tasks” and physical tasks if you have the opportunity. Variety is good for the brain.

– Take micro breaks

It can be anything from breathing for 1 minute without thinking about anything else, to getting a cup of hot drink or just standing up and stretching for a minute. As with the point order, different things work well for different people, the important thing is that you find your way and do it consciously several times a day.

– Reflect

Note when you’ve completed a task or are stuck on another. Reflection can be done alone or together with a colleague, the latter usually also creates a sense of belonging, which in turn gives a good feeling in the team.

– Take a walk!

Or why not several short walks! You can walk around inside or around the house outside. Leave your cell phone in your pocket unless you have a walking meeting.

Bonus, these tips work just as well when you’re not working.

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