Negotiate while walking, it’s a win-win!

Negotiation can be difficult

You might feel a slight discomfort before negotiating, it feels like war and it can be difficult to get all the facts and be sure that the other party understands.

A good start is to try to think of a negotiation as a win-win for both parties. When you have really succeeded, both parties leave a negotiation feeling satisfied.

Take a walk

It is not only facts and results that come into play when negotiating. A study has shown that the environment can also have an effect. If you meet in a place where one of the parties has the upper hand, it can affect the negotiation. A solution to this could be to take a walk together.


During a walk, the body and brain benefit directly, among other things you become solution-focused and creative. During a walk, you also have to adapt to each other, make sure to walk at a good pace and go in the same direction. You simply need to cooperate. It lays the foundation for a conversation and a negotiation that becomes solution-focused, rather than focusing on who wins.

Source: Stanford Prevention Research Center

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