Creativity is important for the company’s bottom line

Creativity is important

Why is it important to have creative employees? Because creative employees are curious, ask questions, learn from others’ mistakes and are more solution-oriented.

There is research that shows that creative employees cope with change better. They approach change with curiosity and a willingness to understand and solve problems.

Creative workers tend to look at a new project or task and think about different paths forward and possible obstacles they will have to overcome along the way, so they can prepare well in advance. Creative employees are thus good for the company’s bottom line.

Take a walk

Some people are creative by nature and rarely have a problem taking on a new task with curiosity. For others, it takes a little time to get the brain going, the walk is a fantastic tool. Present a new project or mission and send your employees out for a walk. Someone might want to take a walk and think for themselves. Others like to go for a walk with a colleague to brainstorm ideas. Meet again in 30-45 minutes and start working on a plan.

A short walk makes the brain 60% more creative than before the walk, you also get the benefits of becoming more alert and more solution-focused.

Not just for the bottom line

An employee who is encouraged to be creative and given the opportunity to actually be, feels involved, seen and listened to. Employees who feel seen and listened to feel better and more engaged. Encouraging your employees to be creative and providing the opportunity for a walk during working hours creates healthier and happier teams!

Source: Stanford University

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