Lovely midsummer!

Midsummer week

Midsummer is for many a highlight of the summer. It is an occasion to gather loved ones to socialize. Summer is also a time for recovery and the opportunity to do things you don’t have time for on short winter evenings. So we want to take the opportunity to suggest some different ways you can get active together, during midsummer, but of course the tips work all summer!

Mindfulness walk

Walk alone or with someone who wants to take a leisurely stroll. Enjoy the nature around you. Stop sometimes and listen, breathe and just take in the surroundings. Let the leisurely pace help you unwind.

Midnight walk

Take advantage of the fact that it is light most of the night and take a walk. Listen to a friend or family member, or why not to nature. Is there a difference in the sounds from nature during the day and at night?

Explorer walk

Take a walk with a child close to you. Let the child decide the pace and what you will talk about and watch. If you need a theme, it can be to look for small insects and count, or bring binoculars and look at everything possible that is far away. By seeing the world through children’s eyes, you can gain new perspectives.

Walking Talking wishes you a lovely midsummer week and a really nice midsummer!

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