Time to start activity “snacking”!

Do you have a job where you sit still a lot?

Then you also know for sure that it’s not good for the body to sit still for a long time. You often feel both stiff and tired after a day’s work and need to move. But if you don’t have the opportunity to move regularly during working hours, it can be difficult to fit in exercise in the puzzle that is everyday life.

Research on sedentary behavior

A research team at the University of Toronto conducted tests on a group of people who sat still for long periods of time during a workday. Among other things, they looked at how muscle mass was reduced during prolonged sitting and how to avoid this.

Start with activity “snacking”!

One solution they found was to start activity “snacks”, i.e. to do some form of small exercise regularly during the day. It could be things like getting up and walking quickly back and forth in the hallway or doing squats for a minute at your chair.

It turns out that people who take regular short breaks and do some kind of rapid exercise several times a day get high levels of amino acids, which help build muscle mass and repair tissues, among other things.

Time to start activity “snacking”!

Source: University of Toronto

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