Listen and learn to create a good work environment

Time for evaluation

Working remotely was something we had to learn overnight. You must have learned a lot of good things along the way to make it work. Regardless of whether you decide to continue to provide the opportunity to work remotely, or choose to be on-site, it is important that you take the time and opportunity to evaluate what went well and what you want to change. It is equally important that you as a leader get the opportunity and help to prioritize your time. You should be able to listen to your employees regularly without feeling stressed about other things that need to be done.

Create a learning environment

When you now lay the foundation for your new, improved work environment, you need to set aside time for communication and listening, both leaders – employees and employees in between. One way to do that is to encourage a learning environment. Instead of you as a leader asking control questions in a meeting, ask the employee to talk about their work and working day, listen and ask questions based on that. If there are several of you at a meeting, invite all employees to ask questions and share information or something new they have learned.

Make it a habit

Establish a time each week when you go around the team and tell each other what you have learned this week. In the beginning, it can be big or small and include both something at work or outside. Then everyone gets started and starts thinking about learning and gets to practice sharing. When you get used to it after a while, you can develop this into demos or lectures and invite others. Together you build a greater knowledge base and a context for employees, which in turn strengthens the work environment.

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