Anyone can be creative, with a little practice

We probably all recognize ourselves

Whether it’s in the team at work or in a private context, there are people we think are more creative when it comes to coming up with ideas and solutions. You automatically turn to these people to get new ideas or to find a solution. The result is that others end up sitting quietly during a meeting and never get to exercise their creativity.

Time to let everyone start training

A study at Washington State University shows that everyone can think creatively. The trick is not to get stuck on your first thought, idea, or feeling, but to practice looking beyond it. It is the exercise of looking beyond one’s first thought, idea, or feeling that opens one up to other thoughts, perspectives and feelings and in the long run, helps one automatically become more creative.

Help each other in the next meeting

Be sure to ask everyone to present their idea while the others listen. Challenge by asking everyone to take their idea one step further or explain in more detail how they thought, that way you make sure that everyone gets to practice thinking about their idea and in the long run everyone gets a little better at being creative.

Create a safe environment  

It is of course important that this is done in a safe environment where everyone listens to each other without interrupting or commenting negatively. Instead, encourage questions like “Can you explain your thoughts a bit more?” or “Yes and then what would the next step be?”.

All ideas may not become reality, but everyone in the team has gotten a chance to feel involved, which creates a sense of connection, which in turn makes you feel good.

Source: Washington State University

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