Create sustainable change in small steps


Why do you want to create change, interview yourself or ask someone else to interview you and dig deep into why. Because it’s only when you understand why it’s important that you can find the right motivation.

Problem solving

Once you know what you want to change, think about how. It may seem obvious, but most plans have to be adjusted along the way. So instead of deciding on a solution and pushing hard on it, think about starting with a “prototype” that can be changed and improved along the way.

Small steps

Don’t make a big change in one big step, break it down into smaller milestones. Test, evaluate, change, check off and celebrate every milestone along the way.

Set a deadline or compete

It’s not a tool that works for everyone, but if you like to meet a deadline or compete with someone else, it might be for you. Be sure to set reasonable goals and if you are competing with someone else make it a positive experience where you cheer each other on and celebrate together when you manage to meet the new goals.

Be kind to yourself

It’s hard to create change and achieve goals, otherwise everyone would be doing it all the time. If you didn’t quite succeed in your goal, it’s not a disaster. Instead, think that you have come a long way and you can try again.

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