3 tips to succeed with change

1, Be clear about Why

There can be many reasons why it is time for change and you are the ones who know best at the company when it is time. The important thing is to understand why you want change.
Management and the board are often very aware of why you want to implement a change and see it as a matter of course. It is not nearly as obvious to everyone else in the company, those who may not have the whole picture.
Always start by explaining why the planned change is important and what prompted the decision. Inform in different ways and several times so that there is a chance for everyone to hear, understand and digest the information.

2, Include

If possible, involve the staff in how the change should take place. It can be by talking to everyone individually or taking suggestions at a meeting. Make sure everyone gets to participate and contribute their thoughts.
If there is no possibility to involve the staff, make sure to inform about why and give enough time to inform and explain. Be available to answer questions and listen to those concerned. Just because you as an employee cannot participate and influence does not mean that it is not important to be able to express how you think and feel. The fact that you as a leader listen and answer questions can contribute to creating security and that makes the employee feel listened to and seen.

3, Follow up

Now the change is complete, but don’t let go quite yet. Whether it’s a small or big change, follow up afterwards. Take the time to listen and see if it has worked well or if you need to make any adjustments. Again, it’s about building trust with your employees so they feel included.

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