3 tips for effective meetings

Time to book a meeting

A meeting can be nice because you meet colleagues and spend time together. But many of us leave a meeting thinking that this meeting could have been an email. Therefore, you can do three simple things to make meetings effective:

1, Agenda

When you send an invite to a meeting, be sure to attach an agenda. It can be simple, for example “3 topics in today’s meeting, information about X, information about Y and a discussion”. And if meeting participants are expected to prepare in any way, that should also be made clear.
If you are invited to a meeting without an agenda, ask to receive the agenda well in advance of the meeting. If it’s not possible, maybe it’s not that important and you can prioritize other tasks.

2, Keep the time

Keeping time doesn’t just mean finishing on time, it also means starting on time and allocating enough time for each item on the agenda. Starting on time sets the tone for the meeting shows that you respect everyone present and keeping time for each item on the agenda shows that they are equally important.
Each item does not need to have the same allotted time, if point 1 is just a short piece of information, it should of course have a shorter time slot than a discussion that needs more time.

3, Finish nicely

Of course you end the meeting on time. But you can do more than that to finish nicely. Be sure to leave time at the end to possibly summarize the information from the meeting, the decisions you made and how you delegated any tasks. And if you haven’t had time to complete the task or discussion that has arisen, schedule a new time to continue. This way, everyone leaves the meeting with a positive feeling and you have an easier time getting everyone on board when it’s time for the next meeting.

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