Sit or stand while working, The eternal question has an answer

Sit or stand while working, that is the question

Opinions usually differ when talking about standing and working, some think standing is the obvious choice, while others find it more difficult to concentrate. However, the consensus has been that it is more beneficial to stand, but now new research shows that this is not necessarily the case.

Studies of nearly 800 people

A large study was done on almost 800 people where they were divided into two groups, some were asked to sit and others were asked to stand for part of their working day. After a year there was a follow-up with the participants and no direct difference could be found between the groups when it came to health.

Standing creates a false sense of usefulness

Standing while working turns out to be just as bad as sitting, you often concentrate and move very little. Some energy is also spent standing that the body should spend on thinking or coordinating writing.

Those who stood up and worked felt more useful than those who sat, which made them start to neglect their daily exercise because they felt like they were doing it by standing all day. This meant that in the long run, they moved much less during the day than those who sat.

Little movement regularly

We’ve covered it before, it’s important to have variety. Choose what feels best for you, standing or sitting, but try to change your position and move regularly throughout the day by stretching, taking short walks around your desk or just changing positions often. And don’t neglect your daily exercise; take the stairs, walk from a bus stop further away or take a morning walk before work.

Source: British Medical Journal

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