Pedometers make you walk more

It is good to count your steps

Researchers have gone through 400 studies with a total of 164,000 participants from around the world. It turns out that if you have something that logs your activity, e.g. a pedometer, you walk an average of 1,800 more steps per day than if you don’t have one. And not only that, you are more likely to stick to the routine of moving regularly over time, something that is good in the long run for protecting against cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. Not to mention that you become fitter and more creative when you move regularly.

Pedometer in the Walking Talking-app

You know there’s a pedometer in the Walking Talking app! Go to My page and agree that we log the steps and then keep track of how many steps you have taken each day, week and month. You can set your own goal for how many steps you should take in a day. We hope it will be an incentive to reach your step goals every day!

Source: University of South Australia

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