Listening is an art, but it is only the first step

Listening is important

There are many ways for you as a leader to listen. This can be by doing quick surveys, asking questions in meetings and listening to a group or having a one-on-one conversation with an employee. Listening can be difficult at first, but with practice, anyone can become a better listener.

Don’t become a black hole

Taking in the information is only the first step, then you have to decide what you want and can do with the information. Your co-workers and colleagues will stop giving you information if you only listen and absorb but do not act and communicate. No one wants to spend time and energy coming up with feedback or ideas if it just disappears into a black hole.

Act and communicate

Therefore, it can be good to think through what you are actually going to do with the information you receive, regardless of whether it is via a survey or through conversations in different ways. Questions you can ask yourself are. How should or can the information be passed on in the company in different ways and how should the results be followed up and reported back? And don’t forget the point of reporting back, even if it may take some time before you have something to say, communicate that you haven’t forgotten and will follow up as soon as possible.
Listening, acting and reporting back creates trust, an important basis for future cooperation.

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