Don’t underestimate the importance of employee wellbeing

Why it is important

When you feel good at work, you become more productive and efficient, but it doesn’t stop there. Well-being at work also creates commitment and loyalty. When you as an employee see that you can have space for physical activity during working hours and that you feel seen and heard, the likelihood is greater that you will enjoy and stay at your workplace. Employees who enjoy themselves and feel well also have less sick leave.

It starts with the leader

In order for a leader to be able to give her/his time and energy to the employees, she/he also needs to feel good at work. Therefore, it is important that the leadership takes the lead when it comes to well-being at work. A manager who is always busy and stressed is not a good role model, but a leader who her-/himself shows that well-being is important through communication and regular physical activity during working hours shows the employees that it is important.

Encourage physical activity

Something as simple as walking has positive effects for both body and brain, it should be obvious to encourage regular walks during working hours. Everyone can take a walk and it can also be done during work. An example of both encouraging walking and showing the way as a leader is to regularly take one-on-one walks. Or why not encourage your employees to take problem-solving walking meetings

Together you create a good basis for well-being in the workplace.

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