Psychological Safety in a hybrid workplace

Psychological safety in the workplace is important

It’s true whether you work together in the office or have a hybrid workplace but the hybrid workplace can sometimes create a greater challenge. Therefore, we want to suggest a few things that you as a leader and you as a team can think about. They are equally important regardless of how you work, but become extra important if you are a hybrid workplace.


When working remotely, it can feel easy to mute the microphone and listen in when you have a meeting. And if it is a purely informational meeting, it is of course a good solution. But if you are to work together and want input from everyone in the team, it is not good for some to sit completely silent. The trick here is that whoever leads the meeting is careful to lead and distribute the floor, making sure that everyone has a chance to share their thoughts and ideas. It is also important that when someone has the floor, you listen, it is not okay to interrupt and take the floor if you have not been asked. Make sure you listen to the end and ask your question when asked för input.

Make the most of days at the office

Days when you are all gathered in the office are important for creating and maintaining psychological security in the team. Make sure you book workshops and meetings and that you actually hang out with each other at lunch and coffee breaks. An additional advantage of booking in and really making sure to carry out physical meetings of various kinds is that you add something extra to the days you are in the office, it is not just about working as usual.

Leaders have a greater responsibility

When you’re all gathered in the office, it’s easier for you as a leader to feel the mood in the group or check in with an employee who you know is struggling a little extra with something. It can sometimes be done in the coffee room, on the fly. Then the regular booked conversations you have, can be held at slightly greater intervals. When you spend part of your time remotely, you as a leader have a greater responsibility to have regular conversations with your employees, both individually and as a team. That’s because you don’t get that daily contact and rapport that happens when you say hello in the morning and eat lunch at the same time.

It’s about communication

To summarize, it’s about you needing to think about how and when you communicate with each other. Both leaders and employees must be responsible for how and when to communicate and not shy away from bringing up things that need to change or showing appreciation and celebrating successes.
Start the day by saying Hello! whether you meet in the office or work remotely, it opens up conversation and makes everyone feel seen that day.

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