Walking during working hours should be the rule, not the exception

A walk is fantastic

Taking a walk during working hours should be encouraged in all workplaces because it makes you more active, more creative and happier. The effect comes immediately, already on the first walk, and stays for a while. And everyone can do it, in their own way and at their own pace.

The walk is also a good way to get exercise every day. It will simply be a good way to offer the employees to get their steps in during working hours and thus offer the opportunity for exercise that might otherwise not be available in a stressful everyday life. When you as a leader encourage and show that it is easy and important to take a walk several times a week, you show your employees that you encourage them to move and take care of their health.

Walking meeting

The beauty of a walk is that you can actually work at the same time. Conversations, problem solving, or information meetings are perfect to have at the same time as a walk. When you take a meeting on a walk away from the office, mobile phone and other distractions, you can more easily focus on what is being said in the meeting.

More effective meetings

Experienced meeting walkers know that the format makes participants better prepared and more eager to ensure a good ending. For example, you have a clearer agenda, summarize the most important conclusions and decide who will do what before the walk is over. In addition, you will come back in with new energy and a newly charged battery. It can also be the important moment of the day that it is possible to get some daylight during the winter months.

So why not look over this week’s meetings and see which ones you can take for a walk!

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