Boost your learning culture this autumn

Do a retake

Routines and processes have a tendency to be lost during the summer when colleagues are off and you yourself have hopefully had a quieter period at work. So when everyone is back in the fall, it’s perfect to take a look at and remind each other how we want to work together. Maybe it’s also a perfect opportunity to change some of the routines and processes that feel a bit off, or that no one actually ever uses.

Book a team meeting

It is best to do it on site in the office, if you have the opportunity. A great opportunity to meet and work together to improve the team feeling. The focus of the meeting should be how to move forward in creating or sustaining learning and information sharing in your team.

If you have good processes and routines

Then it is worth revisiting them and talking through why they work so well and thus strengthening them. Perhaps you also have new employees in the team who need an introduction to how you work and can provide valuable input.

If you need a structure

Focus on how you want to work to get one in place. Again, new hires can be a source of inspiration, as there may have been routines for learning in their previous workplace.
Consider starting small, such as sharing information in a chat or at a coffee meeting. You can then develop this into presentations for the team and perhaps by extension for others in the company.
See it as a chance to practice presenting and get everyone on the team comfortable.

Why a learning culture

A learning culture in the workplace creates a good prerequisite for engaged, motivated employees who become more independent. Engagement and motivation in turn create happier and more productive employees who feel connected and feel better in the workplace.

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