Loved yet hated snow

Winter is here

Last week, winter came with a statement to most of the country. For everyone who loves the snow, it was wonderful, but not everyone is equally delighted. Suddenly it feels harder to go out, not only is there a chance the roads won’t be cleared yet but the public transport might not be working as it should so it can be rough.

But now you have the chance to do something good for you, because in winter it is extra good and important to get out for that walk!

Walk in the middle of the day

If possible, go in the middle of the day and you will get a dose of daylight, at least in the southern part of the country. It also feels brighter when there is snow on the ground and that alone can lighten the mood.

The walk itself is perfect for practicing balance because the surface is often different than in the summer. It is good for the body and brain, it trains both muscles and nerve signals, you kill two birds with one stone.

Other good tips:

Remember to dress appropriately warm, preferably in layers as it will be easier to regulate the temperature to make the walk pleasant.

Drink water! You may not feel thirsty, but the air is dry, you need more water than you think.

Be careful when it’s slippery, use studs or shoes that are non-slip and don’t forget to wear something reflective if it’s dark!

And if you want to feel extra good, stretch!

It is good to do regularly, preferably a few times a week. And it’s never too late to start, but take it easy if you’re not used to it. 

Stretching prepares the body both for the walk itself but it also makes you become a little more flexible. If there were to be an accident, there is less risk of injury. But it is also good to do when you come in from your winter walk to soften the muscles.

Last but not least

Enjoy the beautiful winter! Take the opportunity to take a walk with someone you like and help each other with both mood and balance!

Rulla till toppen