3 ways to solve problems alone

Problems and frustration

We’ve all been there, we have a problem that seems unsolvable but have no one to turn to for help when colleagues are busy elsewhere. Fortunately, there are tricks you can use to help yourself.

1, Write down your frustration

This is a good way to move the thought from the brain to a paper, you get the opportunity to think through and process your thoughts. This way, you can bounce ideas that seem crazy and have the opportunity to look at them from a different angle and to “throw them away” when you’re done.

2, Talk to a plant or pet

They are very good at listening and you get a chance to talk without anyone interrupting. It might feel silly, but try it and you’ll see that it feels better afterwards. And there is actually a positive effect of talking through a problem with someone who doesn’t interrupt, the brain gets time to process the information and thus a greater chance of finding a solution.

3, Take a walk

Don’t get stuck on a task for too long, especially if it’s difficult. Take a walk, during a walk good things happen in the body and brain. You become more creative and the movement makes the brain think ahead. Take the opportunity to get outside for a while during the day and get both movement and light. Then you become more alert and help the brain to become solution-focused.

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