Time to review your work environment

It often works well

Many companies are good at work environment, they organize the physical office to function well and have policies and procedures in place. But something that is sometimes forgotten is to review and evaluate what is working and what needs to be adjusted.

Think for yourself

The employer has the overall responsibility, but you as an employee also have an obligation to draw attention to things that do not work. Therefore, make it a habit to review your own work environment at least once a year. Autumn is a good time when it often feels like the beginning of the working year. Create a document for yourself and note if everything is good or if any changes need to be made. Also write down suggestions for solutions and share your thoughts with your immediate manager.

Start in your team

It can be easier to create change if you know that someone else is thinking the same thing. One way is therefore to start talking about the work environment in the team on a regular basis. And often it can be enough for you together in the team to agree on something and start doing it to make things feel better.

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