Reach out in December, it can be a lonely month

Loneliness – a big problem

Feeling alone can be dangerous. The body reacts physically to being alone, because we were originally pack animals and dependent on others. In November WHO (World Health Organization) declared loneliness a ‘Pressing Health Threat’ and launched The WHO Commission on Social Connection. But you can start counteracting loneliness today by just saying Hello!


December can feel extra lonely because it seems like everyone else is seeing family and friends and celebrating in different ways. The nice thing is that we can help each other by saying Hello! Make an extra effort to say hello to your colleagues, or extend a hand to someone you think is feeling a little extra lonely. Send a message or call and ask how they are doing. And if you have the opportunity, invite them to your Glögg get together or AW. And just like that, you have made someone feel seen and a little less alone. If anything, it makes a nice December present.

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