A sense of purpose is life saving

Loneliness is dangerous

A feeling of being alone can create stress in the body. Man has always belonged to a group in order to survive, and when you feel alone, various stress mechanisms kick in. Prolonged stress can cause damage to both the brain and the heart and become dangerous for the body.

Alone together

Feeling alone doesn’t have to mean you’re alone. You can feel lonely at work if you are not seen by others. The same feeling can occur even though you are with family or friends who only focus on themselves and have difficulty listening to others.

Having a purpose is important

Just as you can feel lonely with others, that doesn’t mean you always have to be stressed when you’re alone. But in order for the body not to react negatively, you must have a purpose. The beauty of having a purpose is that it is enough that the purpose is something that means a lot to you, and it doesn’t have to be saving the world. You might find a purpose in gardening, being present for a friend, or performing well at work. As long as you yourself feel that what you are doing is meaningful, it is enough for you not to feel alone.

Source: University of Zurich & Tilburg University

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