Time for the autumn kick-off, we have some tips

Are planning for the autumn kick-off?

Cool! A kick-off is both popular and long-awaited by many, a start to autumn that should provide energy. But there are most likely those who are not looking forward to the kickoff because it is either time away from work, or something that feels difficult as you are often expected to participate in various social games and may have to share a room with a colleague.

What is the goal?

Doing a nice activity with your employees should of course not be underestimated, but games and competitions rarely create team spirit, but in the worst case can create or deepen already existing conflicts. Therefore, it is important that you think through what the goal of your particular kick-off is and both plan and inform about goals and expectations.

Dinner and games

If the goal is to do something nice for your employees, like having dinner together. Focus on just that and try to make it relaxed and pleasant. If you want the employees to mingle, make sure that half of the employees switch places between the main course and the dessert. If you plan for a game or competition, do it voluntarily and before dinner for those who want to join. Then everyone can meet up for dinner together.

Create productive teams

If the goal is to create productive teams and plan for the fall, focus on that during the day. Make sure all teams meet and work through their goals together, e.g. with workshops. Gather for a briefing at the end of the working day. End the day with a nice dinner and there you can prepare for the teams to split up and mingle with other colleagues.

Do you want an inspiring kick of?

Do you want an inspiring plan for your kick-off where you get both health and habit-tips? Get in touch, we offer lectures, workshops and introduce systems for change that last.

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