Ensure effective meetings with 4 simple tools

Do you recognize the situation

The meetings are piled on top of each other and it feels like no decision is made and that it takes time away from other tasks. It’s time to change the meeting culture and we have 4 tools to help you on the way to efficient and productive meetings.

1, Agenda

Make sure there is always an agenda when you invite to a meeting. And if participants are expected to contribute thoughts and ideas, state this in the invitation.

2, Distribute the speaking time

It is especially important if you asked the participants to prepare. But in general, if everyone gets a chance to talk, you’re more likely to capture all the good ideas and thoughts.

3, Document

Take notes and/or pictures. And if you have multiple meetings on the same topic, rotate the task of documenting so it doesn’t fall to the same person each time.

4, Make a plan

Who is responsible for which task, when it should be finished and do you need checkpoints along the way. That way, the tasks don’t fall through the cracks or fall on a single person.

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