Take a break and become more efficient

Breaks are important

Taking regular breaks during a working day is important for our health. Not just to eat lunch or refill the coffee cup, but to rest the brain and move the body. The break makes you feel more alert, get more energy and it makes you more efficient and productive.
A break doesn’t have to be long to be effective, sometimes a micro-break where you take 10 breaths or look up and look out the window for 30 seconds is enough. It is best for the body and brain when you mix different types of breaks throughout the day and have both short and long ones with and without movement.

Stress reduces the number of breaks

Research shows that we stop taking breaks when we are stressed and have a deadline. This is because we tell ourselves that the break is taking important time away from the project. Researchers have also seen that individuals take after others in the workplace, if it doesn’t seem like others are taking a break then neither are you.
It might be okay to skip a break occasionally if it’s a one-off project with a short lead time, but it’s definitely not good if it’s something you do regularly. You become more tired and lose focus more easily, and it can also be a sign that you have too much to do and need help to get a more balanced workload.

Show the importance

Knowing that breaks are important for recovery, creativity and time management, we can help employees actually take breaks.
One way is, of course, to talk about how it is important and above all permissible to take longer and shorter breaks during the day. This can be reinforced by talking about all the benefits of a break.

Another way might be to talk about the risks of not taking a break, but that way should be used sparingly and when there is time to have a proper dialogue. Otherwise, there is a risk that you as a leader will create more stress.

The best tip of all is that you, as a leader, show that breaks are important by taking them yourself. Because it is when you both encourage and show that you yourself take the time to take a break that you create a climate where it is natural for all employees.

And why not take a short walk together when you get up from the desk, then the break will be extra effective!

Source: University of Waterloo

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