Reach goals together, it becomes easier and more fun

Get a “goal buddy”

Yes, or why not several while you’re at it!

A goal buddy is a person who can help and support you in reaching a goal and who you can support back. You check in, remind, cheer, nag and help each other celebrate when the goal is reached.

What goals require a friend?

It is entirely up to you to decide. Some goals are fun and energizing and you are happy to tackle them yourself, others require a friend to help you reach the finish line. But regardless, it’s always fun to have someone to cheer you on and to celebrate with when you’re done.

Works at work and privately

You can have different types of goals, linked to both work and personal life. The good thing is that you can have different goal buddies for different types of targets. One at work that motivates you to reach a deadline on a project and a private one to reach a goal with something you do in your spare time.

You create a connection

By getting a goal buddy, you get a connection with a person who listens, supports, cheers and rejoices with you when you reach your goal. You can also choose to create a common goal and be each other’s goal buddy. You not only get motivation but also need to take responsibility and feel a little pressure, which makes it more likely that you will actually reach the goal.

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