Time to spring clean away things that don’t make you feel good!

Everyone has tasks they must do in their lives

“A must” is often something you actually have to do, such as going to work, washing clothes or walking the dog. The musts can give energy and be pleasant but they can also take energy and feel discouraged to do. It is of course different for everyone what gives and what takes energy. But it is important to sometimes think about what takes and gives energy for you and stop doing things that don’t make you feel good.

Make a list

Do you have a habit of making lists of what to do, what needs to be done or what you dream of doing in the future? Just like when writing a \”to do\” list, the tip is to write a \”NOT to do\” list. Here you write down things that you shouldn’t do, don’t want to do, things that make you feel bad or that are stressful. If you are not in the habit of making lists, it can help to take a moment and think about what takes energy and why.


Once the list is complete, take a moment to look through it. You will probably find that some things are things that need to be done after all and some things you can actually stop doing right away. But try to look at it with an open mind and prioritize. Think about which three things stress you the most. Also, take a look at what’s super easy to quit now that you know you shouldn’t/want to.

Make a plan

Once you know which three things you want to quit, it’s time to make a plan. What do you need to do to stop doing the thing at the top of the list?
It can be anything from making sure you have a healthy snack available in the afternoon to getting better at saying no when someone asks you to do a task at work even though you have a full table. Be specific in your solution, for example think about how you can respond to your boss or colleague that makes it easier to say no.
You may also need to come up with suggestions such as switching tasks, for example asking your partner to do the laundry while you do something he doesn’t get energy from. That way you both win!

Check off and celebrate

When you’ve managed to stick to your plan and avoid doing what you shouldn’t, check off the task and celebrate, it can be as simple as patting yourself on the back and saying well done. Then look at your list and see if there’s anything else you want to quit and make a new plan.
This way you help yourself stop doing things you shouldn’t and that in turn makes you feel better!
Good luck!

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