As a Team Member

Work Together. Win Together.

No more frustration. Learn the questions to ask that give you clarity. Access tools to define your role, your boundaries and to be appreciated for your competencies and strengths. Discover and implement habits that make you work efficiently and sustainable together. Unlock the keys to effective collaboration and understand the brilliance of empathic listening to develop connections you need.

Our platform empowers you to master facilitation, empathic listening, and teamwork, fostering a sense of purpose and belonging. Understand what to expect from each other, create a safe space to try, fail, and succeed together, and work towards common goals that align with your values. Together, you can achieve great things and celebrate the journey as one.

You in the Team
Feeling overwhelmed with tasks and unclear priorities? Have you had to cover for colleagues who couldn’t deliver, or felt like no one was listening? These challenges can be isolating and stressful. Walking Talking provides your team with the knowledge and tools to define roles and set priorities together with your manager. With frameworks and training, you can improve communication, develop strong collaboration skills, and refocus on your shared purpose. By working together, you’ll solve problems faster and enjoy the satisfaction of being part of a cohesive team.

Connecting to a Greater Purpose
Beyond the daily tasks, it’s important to connect with a sense of purpose and values. The Walking Talking platform helps you align with your team’s mission and find meaning in your work. It creates a space where team members can discuss their goals, understand how they contribute to something bigger, and feel proud of their achievements. This connection to a greater purpose drives engagement and inspires your team to perform at its best.

You as an Employee
As an employee, you belong to a department and have a manager, but often need to collaborate with people from other teams to accomplish your goals. Building a strong network across the organisation is key to your success. Walking Talking enables you to form connections with colleagues through Walk and Talks, encouraging cross-team collaboration. It supports you in organising walking meetings, workshops, and conversations that strengthen relationships and reinforce the company’s values and purpose.

Through these interactions, you build a broader network and better prepare for new opportunities. You also gain insights into how you can contribute to the organisation’s success. Use the platform’s methods in your regular meetings and collaborations to enhance teamwork and kommunikation, fostering a sense of unity and common purpose.

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Experience the power of teamwork with Walking Talking. Contact us to learn how our platform can support you in creating high-performing teams that thrive on communication, collaboration, and a shared sense of purpose. Build a healthier, more productive workplace with us. If you want to read more you can find our FAQ here.

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