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One step at a time towards healthy high performance

Happier teams

We make people happier by ensuring that leaders and teams in businesses have the tools, knowledge and support needed to be productive and effective in a sustainable, inclusive and fun way.

Our story

A bit about us

As the founders of Walking Talking, we bring over two decades of rich, diverse experience spanning startups, scale-ups, and established companies. From being entrepreneurs to stepping into roles as employees, team leaders, HR strategists, and recruiters, we’ve seen the highs and lows of business life. We’ve scaled companies internationally, navigated mergers, and faced the tough decisions that come with downsizing.

Our story is deeply personal and professionally comprehensive. We’ve been on both sides of the interview table, understanding and witnessing the impact of management styles that range from inspiring to inadequate. We’ve been the health consultants guiding stressed employees through corporate pressures, and we’ve been those employees too, feeling the strain of poor team dynamics and organisational disconnects.

Through these experiences, we recognised a persistent gap in how teams are supported to truly thrive. Traditional leadership programmes often miss the mark, leaving leaders and their teams frustrated and disconnected when new skills fail to integrate smoothly into daily workflows. We’ve seen teamwork falter without clear roles or a shared sense of purpose, leading to disengagement and burnout.

But our journey led us to a powerful realisation: the simple yet profound impact of walking. Walking meetings became more than physical activity; they were a catalyst for better conversations, deeper listening, and stronger connections.

This wasn’t just about physical wellness; it was about creating a holistic environment where people felt heard, supported, and valued across all levels of an organisation.

Inspired by these insights, we launched Walking Talking in December 2020. Our initial app focused on facilitating transformative walking meetings. As we evolved, we integrated the science of team development, ensuring that every interaction was an opportunity for growth, clarity, and engagement. Our system helps leaders and teams develop these habits while focusing on core business goals and team objectives.

Today, Walking Talking is not just an app but a comprehensive platform that embodies our vision for a future where work and well-being are seamlessly integrated. We offer tools that foster psychological safety, purpose, and a robust support system for cultural change. The system is designed to help teams and leaders integrate habits and practices that ensure effective collaboration, healthy lifestyles, and clear alignment with the team’s objectives.

Yet, this journey is far from over. We are continually evolving and invite progressive companies, leaders, and teams to join us. Be part of the transformation and create the impact needed to achieve social-emotional excellence and build healthy, high-performing organisations.

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The Founders of Walking Talking


We support habits of inclusiveness, creating structures where people are able to feel heard, understood and accepted. Everyone shall be able to feel a sense of coherence.


We enable leaders and team members to take responsibility in their roles. As an employer we take responsibility in creating a social emotional thriving workplace, where performance and well-being goes hand in hand.


Listening is our core. When we succeed in hearing each other our empathy and understanding increases. We discover solutions faster and make people feel empowered. We listen to our clients and users as well as to each other as a team and employees.


We firmly believe in the power of collaboration. By supporting, team facilitation and networking across functions and areas of expertise, we allow information to be shared and knowledge to be acquired. By building relationships collaborations runs more smoothly.

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