Making people, leaders and teams happier one step at a time

Better conversation, collaboration and well-being through science-based team development, empathetic leadership growth and walk and talk networking in a sustainable behavior change platform.

We help you

Engage your employees

Reduce unnecessary stress

Increase productivity

Two happy women on a walk & talk

Make conversation and movement a daily habit

We created our platform to counteract negative trends in work-life and society at large. We believe that everyone should have access to daily walk and talk meetings for effectful meetings, coherence and engagement. In order to reduce stress, loneliness and dangerous sedentary lifestyles while increasing creativity, feelings of community and productivity at work.

When we meet in community, we achieve greater things.

Anna-Lina Kvarnsmyr

CEO & Co-Founder

A platform for

Psychological safety


Team development

Active listening






Team building

Workshop guidance

Leadership Development

A sustainable solution for happier teams

Designed by experts – our sustainable team and leadership development program supports high productivity and well-being. By making collaboration, conversation and movement a daily habit.

Science based group-development
Empathic communication training
Reflection based learning
For employees, leaders and teams
01. Learn

Learn together as a group and individually – theory on topics such as leadership, group development, empathic communication, walking meetings among others.

Graphic of two figures on a walk and talk
02. Reflect

The program is built to engage you and your coworkers. With guidance and tasks that help you understand the theory on a deeper level.

03. Practice

As part of the program you will take theory into practice and use what you learn in your day to day – incorporated into your daily work

plans for everyone

Pick a plan that supports you and your team



Connect and engage employees across the company, enabling a learning, empathetic and creative organisation in a fun and healthy way.

Full access to the Walking Talking app
Productivity tools
Exklusive network
Private invites
Curated agendas

€ 584/Team/Year



Support a scientifically based team development culture, where leadership, communication and collaboration is a part of every one’s skill set.

All included in Tier 1 +
Access to Walking Talking – Leadership
Team development
Empathic communication training
12 pro – listener – sessions

€ 3,459/Team/Year



Go deep, with full team development support taking the team to the productive and effective stages while understanding the stages and results in a strategic way.

All included in Tier 2 +
Access to Team – development module
Guides, workshops & tutorials
16 h with professional facilitator

€ 5,465/Team/Year

for work & life

Bringing people together

An image of a phone app overlayed on top of a image of two feets on a walk and talk

Connect with people in the app for walk & talks

The Walking Talking – app is an efficient tool for great walking meetings and connects people where they are. Making more walks and conversations happen everyday. Expand and deepen your network and find enrichment in conversations with interesting people.

Create happier teams and walk strategically at work

Our leadership and team development program supports leaders and teams to take the next step toward becoming more empathic listeners, collaborative leaders and co-workers. All while learning, having fun and creating healthy habits together.

Be active in your community and pay it forward

Loneliness is an epidemic we can fight together – one step at a time. Come together with others for support, motivation, interesting conversations and new enriching habits in the public network. Go beyond your usual network and walk with someone new today!

Two people on a walk and talk in the distance
A woman doing a walk and talk over the phone
Two women on a walk & talk

The walking talking app

Get away from the screen and grow your network

The Walking Talking – networking app connects people for conversations while walking, makes professional meetings walk-able, help improve communication skills. It also allows you to support someone else by being a great listener or simply encourages you to get out and have fun on walk and talks.

App features
An app as a tool for walk & talk

Find and create walks

The app allows users to find and post walks to public or private networks, that others can book and attend. When the walk is booked you meet up and go for a walk together – simple as that.

Create walks that suit your purpose

It is a tool to support what you want – Explore the different ways it can support you. For example – Easily send private invitations when you know who you wish to walk with. Create: multiple walks at once, audio – walks, walks for groups or specific networks.

Meet on your terms

Sometimes meeting in person might be scary or not available where you are. We created the audio-walk so everyone can find walking company wherever they are. Simply join the audio-room and talk as you both walk in different places.
No phone numbers or information need to be exchanged – the app handles everything.

Connect with new people or nourish existing contacts

When a walk has been booked, a friend-request accepted or connection made – You will be able to chat with the person and send each other new walk-invites.

Stay motivated and track your daily steps

If you like numbers – we got them. Or rather you will save your numbers in our step-counter. Set your own step-goal and keep track of it during the day or see when you are the most active.

Keep up with your networks

Send and accept friend-requests to build your own walking network and keep track of your connections. A whole contact list of people who like to walk just like you – how nice!

Make your meetings walkable

The biggest worry and excuse we hear for not heading out on a walk during a meeting is – But what if we miss something important and have to take notes? We heard you and fixed that. You can now set an agenda before the meeting, take notes during a meeting and share them when it is over – directly in the app.

Never loose track of what is important

Never miss a walk – sync it to your calendar and see when you are busy in other meetings.

how The app works

Easy to use

Create your account

To see and post walks every user creates their own account and profile.

Post your walk / book a walk

Then you are ready to start exploring – find a walk in a selected network or post your own, to let others know you are available and what type of walk you are interested in.

The walk is booked

When the walk is booked you will be notified and able to chat and talk to your walk company.

Decide the details – you are in control

Together you decide the final details in the chat – you are always in final control of who you wish to walk with and you can easily decline someone if you wish.

Meet up to walk and talk

You will be reminded before the time comes of your booked walk and talk. Depending on what you have decided you meet up or connect via the audiochatt and go for a nice walk together.

Make it a habit

The real benefit comes when you make it a regular habit. Make yourself available for others to join and you might help someone else find the motivation too!

Step challenges for ESG & culture change

Get started with an engaging step challenge

Do you want to become an ambassador?

Maybe you already are an informal leader or just like to engage people around you and want to be a part of helping other people being happy!

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